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Window coverings are not only functional but can also change the look and feel of a room and thru overall street appeal of a home.  With so many options on the market the style of a home can be changed by simply adding vertical blinds, venetian blinds, plantation shutters, roller blinds or curtains.

When selling your home it is important that curtains and blinds are clean and in good condition.  If you have broken blinds or tattered and torn curtains the home will appear unkempt.  Old style curtains should be updated to give the home a more modern and up-to-date feel.  Having consistency in window coverings can also give the home a sense of flow and continuity.

If you have purchased a new home rooms can be updated and modernised by replacing the wall coverings.  Bedrooms curtains or blinds may need to be improved so that they have blockout qualities.  Rooms with poor lighting should have a curtain that is sheer so that maximum light can be allowed into the room or blinds or shutters that can be angled to feed light into these darker rooms.  A room with high levels of sunlight should have window coverings in order to protect floor coverings and furniture.  If carpet, timber flooring or furnishings are exposed to sunlight each day these items will fade considerably and will require premature replacement.  Installing blinds, shutters or curtains in these light filled rooms will assist in protecting these rooms from UV damage which causes fading.

When considering the type of window covering to install in your home there are several factors that may affect your decision.  The style of window covering may be determined by the style of your home, the light filtering properties you require and your budget.  You should also consider how the blinds, shutters or curtains will look from both within a room and from the outside of the home.  If you upgrade your window coverings at the front of your home the style and colour should look good from both inside the rooms and from outside the home.

No matter whether you are looking to install vertical blinds, venetian blinds, plantation shutters, roller blinds or curtains it is important to consult multiple suppliers and installers as styles offered can vary from company to company, prices for supply and install can also vary greatly and if installation is time sensitive you may need to consult a few companies to meet these needs.

Property Care Connect can connect you with window covering supply and install specialists that service your area.

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