Termite Treatment and Pest Treatment

Termite Treatment and Pest Treatment Service

Termite Treatment and Pest Treatment

Termite Treatment Sprays and General Pest Treatment Sprays are vital to the protection of a property.

Termite treatment sprays will kill active termites and if no termites are present the treatment will bait the property to deter termite infestation.  Termite treatments should come with a 12 month guarantee.  A termite treatment should be carried out on all properties as all dwellings are susceptible to termite infestation.  Some areas are more prone to termite attach, however all properties are vulnerable to termite attack unless they have an effective, regular treatment.  It should be noted that even full brick, concrete slab or metal frame dwellings can be affected by termites, they do not just infest timber built dwellings.  Termites can enter a property and not just destroy the framework, but also destroy timber skirting and architraves.  If you are maintaining  your property you should ensure your property is inspected for termites everything 12 months as a minimum and termite treatments should be kept up to date at all times.

General pest sprays are for the prevention of spiders, cockroaches and ants.  Prior to moving in or soon after moving into a new home is a great time to do a general pest spray.  Spiders, cockroaches and ants can be disturbed by the removal or furniture and stored goods and may become more active and therefore of greater concern to you and your family.  During the warmer/summer months it is advisable to spray for spiders to improve safety in and around your home and in the colder/winter months spraying for pest such as cockroaches will deter them from settling into your home to shelter from the cold.

It is vital to engage the services of a Termite Control and General Pest Control Specialist that is fully insured and who offers a warranty on their work.  It is advisable to obtain several quotes as there are a variety of termite treatment methods available.  Some of these termite treatments include spraying and bait box systems.

Property Care Connect can connect you with Termite Control and General Pest Control Specialists that service your area.

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