Smoke Alarm Testing & Compliance

Smoke Alarm Testing & Compliance Service

Smoke Alarm Testing & Compliance

Smoke alarms should be tested by you on a monthly basis in your home.  If you are a tenant or own a tenanted property then it is law that smoke alarms should be tested on these rental properties each time the property is tenanted and annual after that.  There are requirements for the placement of smoke detectors and many smoke alarms that are installed in homes are not hard wired into the home so are reliant on batteries.  A smoke alarm compliance specialist can check all smoke detectors within your home to ensure that they are functioning correctly and meet the current Australian Standards.

According to Fire & Rescue NSW there’s an average of 102 home fires in NSW every week and a high percentage of house fires occur during sleeping hours, leaving occupants at great risk.  The most effective way of preventing deaths caused by house fires is the correct installation and maintenance of smoke detection devices in your home.

If you are selling your home a building inspector may report on the adequacy of your smoke alarms.  To ensure your smoke alarms are adequate it is advisable to consult a smoke alarm testing professional to ensure that smoke alarms are located in the correct areas of your home and that they are clean and in good working order.  A smoke alarm testing professional can then provide you with a Compliance Report to provide to prospective purchasers.  A Smoke Alarm Compliance Report will offer prospective purchasers great peace of mind. 

When purchasing a new home it is highly advisable to consult a smoke alarm compliance specialist to attend your home to service and check the compliance of the smoke detectors in your home.  Just because a smoke detector is installed you cannot be sure that the detector is in the optimum position and is in good working order.  It is vital for the safety of you and your family that smoke detectors are adequate.

If you are a landlord it is your responsibility to ensure that the smoke detectors comply with Australian Standard 3786-1993.  It is legislation that landlords or agents must test and clean smoke alarms and ensure batteries are changed regularly.  A smoke alarm compliance specialist should be contracted to perform all tests and check for compliance on an annual basis.

Property Care Connect can connect you with smoke alarm testing and compliance specialists that service your area.

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