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Shower Leak Repairs

A leaking shower should be repaired immediately in order to prevent further damage occurring to surrounding areas.  A simple shower leak can damage walls backing onto the shower, carpets just outside the shower area, ceilings if the shower is on an upper floor or the internal wall framing timbers.  It is important that shower leaks are repaired by an expert in this area as warranties can be obtained on their work to protect you for a period of time from further shower leaks.

If you are selling your home a shower leak can be a deterrent to many purchasers.  In many cases a shower leak can be repaired with minimal cost and minimal effort so it is best addressed by the Vendor prior to selling.  If you have a Vendor building inspection carried prior to listing your home you have the opportunity to rectify a shower leak and if evidence of the leak is still present then you can provide the prospective purchasers with documentation regarding the repairs or warranties that may apply in order to give them peace of mind.

Upon purchasing a home, if a shower leak is detected it is important to rectify this defect immediately.  Unfortunately all shower leaks may not be apparent prior to purchasing a property as if a shower isn’t used for some time leaks may not be obvious, so these leaks may appear shortly after moving into your new home.  Most shower leaks, however can be detected by a building inspector prior to purchasing your home and if noted as a defect shower repairs should be carried out as soon as possible.

When looking for a shower repair professional to repair your leaking shower it is important to compare various methods of repair as there can be several solutions and the right solution will depend on your preference and budget.  It is also advisable to compare warranties offered and time-frames required to carry out the shower leak repairs.

Property Care Connect can connect you with Shower Leak Repairers that service your area.

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