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A good removalist can take a lot of the stress out of moving home.  Most people underestimate the time that moving house will take.

There are many services provided by removalists and according different packages offered so it is important to find the right removalist for your needs.

If you are thinking of selling your home it is a great idea to de-clutter.  This may mean you need to store many of your items, at least for the duration of the sales campaign.  Removing excesses stored goods and excess furniture can make home storage seem greater and make your home seem more spacious.  Removalists can offer long term and short term storage solutions for both boxed goods and furniture.

Engaging a professional removalist who has the correct lifting equipment to move large furniture items can protect furniture during the moving process.  Furniture can be difficult to move into a new home with different door widths, hallways and stairs to manoeuvre.  Professional removalists have the experience to manage and work around these situations.

Many hands make light work and this has never been more true than when packing up a home.  Many boxes can also make light work.  Professional packing boxes from a removalist come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate various items.  Wardrobe packing boxes are particularly helpful to save time and effort when transporting clothing.  Many removalist companies also provide packing services or can recommend a packing service to help with the packaging of your stored goods.  Whereas packing a home would normally take weeks if done alone, packing removalists can have a standard home packed in 1-2 days.  So your precious possessions are packed professionally and quickly.

It is advisable to obtain several quotes from removalists as there are a variety of packages available and costs can be affected depending on where the depot is located as many removalists charge from the time that their trucks leave their depot.  It is therefore very important to contact removalists that specifically service your area.  There can also be variations in box rental or purchase costs so 2-3 quotes are recommended.

Property Care Connect can connect you with Removalist Specialists that service your area.

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