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If you have purchased a new home it is highly recommended for the safety of you and your family that you engage the professional services of a locksmith to change all external locks to your new home.

When moving to a new home locks should be changed on all doors accessing your home.  Do you know who has keys to your new home?  The real estate may have several keys, the old home owners and their family and friends may still have keys to your home.  The only way to ensure your home is secure is to get a locksmith to change your locks.

The lock type and quality can determine insurance costs.  If you have deadlocks on all external doors and windows are key locked you are likely to receive a significant discount on your home insurance.  Standard key locks should be upgraded to deadlocks and all windows should be key lockable.

A locksmith may also be required to re-key window locks.  Most people loose the keys to their window locks or do not pass them all onto the new owners of a home and quite often these locks can seize up due to lack of use.  For this reason a locksmith should test all locks in your home and re-key locks that do not work or where there are no keys.

If you have doors within your home that can be key locked it is important that you have keys and these locks are operational.  If doors become locked and the locks are in poor working order or you are missing the key this can become an expensive and unnecessary repair cost.  Good lock and key maintenance is a far better solution.

So for good home maintenance or peace of mind for your security the services of a locksmith are both valuable and important.

Property Care Connect can connect you with Locksmiths that service your area.

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