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A licenced and experienced electrician is the only person who should perform electrical work around your home.  Electricians can install new powerpoints, terminate old electrical points, install new lights, install a fan, remove old fittings, install surge arresters, check wiring in your home and ensure electrical meter boxes are in good working order.

Old wiring in a home can be a serious hazard.  Electrical faults can cause fires and serious electrocutions.

If you have purchased a new home it is highly recommended that you carry out an electrical inspection to check the condition of the wiring and the condition of fire alarms.

When moving into a new home this is a good time to update light fixtures and fittings.  Great cost savings can be made when converting from standard light fittings to LED light fittings.   LED light fittings draw less electricity that standard light bulbs.  Quite often LED lights are less obtrusive and most new fittings are made to accommodate LED lights.  For the small cost outlay for converting to LED lighting in your home there are ongoing saving benefits on electrical bills.

Power outlets should be terminated or re-wired if there are burn marks present.  If all powerpoints are in good working order simply replacing the cover plate can give an updated cleaner look to your home.

Adding flood lights and security sensor lights are effective ways to make your home safer.  An electrician can also install lighting timers which may also increase the security of your home.

Property Care Connect can connect you with Electrical Specialists that service your area.

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