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The best way to feel your home feel fresh is to have your carpets professionally cleaned.  With professional carpet cleaning you can eliminate odours and stains and bring some life back into old carpet.

It is recommended that carpets in your home be professionally cleaned every 12 months to ensure that generally soiling of the carpets doesn’t become ground in dirt which can be quite difficult to remove from carpets.  Carpet deodorising is also important as odours can sit within the carpet fibres if untreated.

If you are selling your home, clean, fresh smelling carpet can leave a lasting and impressive impact on prospective home buyers.  This is particularly important if you have pets in your home as some buyers can be deterred from purchasing a home due to odours and staining.  These problems can often be fixed by a professional carpet cleaning service for a relatively low cost.  Standard vacuuming will not achieve the same level of clean.

When moving into a new home having the carpets professionally cleaned and deodorised will lift the pile and assist in removing marks where old furniture once stood.  Freshly cleaned and deodorised carpets will also remove dirt, hair and skin particles from previous occupants, providing a cleaner, safer environment within your new home.

The only way to truly clean carpets is through professional carpet cleaning, using professional equipment.  A professional carpet cleaner will use high power equipment that penetrates the carpet deeper than a standard vacuum cleaner allowing for deeper dirt particles to be removed from the carpet.

Property Care Connect can connect you with Carpet Cleaning Specialists that service your area.

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