Building, Pest and Strata Inspections

Building, Pest and Strata Inspections Service

Building, Pest and Strata Inspections

Property inspections are extremely valuable when buying and selling property.  They are also an effective way of maintaining your home.  Property Inspection reports include Building Reports, Pest Reports and Strata Reports and on new properties it is important to get a Completion Report.

When buying a home a Purchaser should ensure there are no hidden defects.  Only a Building Inspection, Pest Inspection and/or Strata Inspection can offer the expert advice required to make an informed decision when making such an important investment decision.

When selling your home a Vendor is at a great advantage if they have already carried out their own Building Inspection, Pest Inspection or Strata Inspection.  This way there are no nasty surprises when interested Purchasers are trying to negotiate on the Purchase price.

To maintain your home and ensure your property can be kept in good condition a Building Inspection provides a true assessment of defective or dilapidated areas of your property.  And a maintenance pest inspection can aid in the early detection of termite infestation which allows for termite treatment to protect your property with as little damage done as possible.

When choosing a Building Inspection, Pest Inspection or Strata Inspection company there are several things that you should look out for.  Look for value for money, not just the cheapest price.  Ensure that you see a sample report so you know what your Inspection Report will be clear and detailed.

Building Inspection Reports should include pictures, estimates on repair costs and be presented in an easy to understand format.  Pest Inspection Reports should be clearly presented and offer recommendations to effectively protect your property from termites.  Strata Inspection Reports should clearly summarise the important financial information relating to the strata complex and include copies of documents that will inform you of major and pending works.  Completion Reports offer a third party report on the condition of a new property prior to occupation, which can be presented to the builder/developer to ensure that all defects are corrected to the correct and expected standard of a new home.

Property Care Connect can connect you with a Property Inspection Specialist that service your area.

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