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Property Care Connect is a family owned business endeavouring to offer a free-of-charge, time saving solution for home owners and property investors who require professional services to maintain and repair their home.

Our service is available to all home owners and managing agents.  We specialise in connecting Vendors who are selling their home and Purchasers who have recently purchased a home with property inspection specialists, property relocation specialists, property repair specialists and property maintenance specialists.  When buying and selling your home there are multiple inspection and relocation services, home repair and maintenance jobs that need to be done and we at Property Care Connect can help make that task simpler and faster.

As home owners we know that maintaining a home or repairing a home can be quite time consuming.  Because various professionals need to be sought to quote for individual jobs, we are pleased to offer a service that will enable you to be connected with professionals who specialise in the services you require and who service your area.

Over time we have built a connection with home service professionals based upon service areas and areas of expertise.  With a few simple clicks you will have home maintenance and home repair service people contacting you and wanting to provide services and quotes to you.  It couldn’t be simpler.

At Property Care Connect we are a connection service, connecting you with the service professionals that can provide you with the services you need.  Whereas we cannot guarantee the work of these service providers, we endeavour to check customer satisfaction regularly and will cease referrals to service providers who are not providing high standard work or services.  We also endeavour to check the licenses and insurances held by our service professional connections, however you should always check insurances, licenses and references prior to contracting any service professional.

At Property Care Connect we are connecting you with the services you need.

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